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About Us

The founder of Exec-to-Exec English is Mr. Dave Tryon. Mr. Tryon founded Exec-to-Exec English with the mission of enabling executives and senior managers who are not native speakers of the English language to become more successful and effective when using business English.  

Mr. Tryon:


  • was previously Vice-President in IBM’s Global Services business for over 12 years, and had a total of over 30 years of management experience with IBM.
  • had responsibility for over 40,000 Information Technology professionals with budget responsibility for several hundred million dollars
  • has extensive experience in cross-cultural corporate negotiations
  • has published many invention disclosures and technical papers, including publication in scientific journals such as the IBM Journal of Research and Development.
  • has extensive experience working with Japanese business colleagues throughout his career, often providing mentoring to help them improve their business English and leadership skills.    
  • worked as a manager for an IBM laboratory in Japan for 5 years and lived with his family in the Shibuya section of Tokyo. He has been married to his wife Louise for 29 years, and they have 2 sons.