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Speak Business English like an
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Masato Sudoh,  IBM Certified Senior Architect

I had an opportunity to work with Dave Tryon for over 5 years at IBM Japan and US IBM. He was not only my manager but was also excellent as an executive with strong leadership skills. During this time, he often mentored me on my English communication. He not only helped me develop stronger English executive-level presentation skills, but he was also very skillful at teaching me effective English business writing skills. I would certainly recommend him as a very good teacher to Japanese executives who would like to improve their business English skills.






M.  Haraguchi,  Visual-Media Translator

Mr. D. Tryon is an irreplaceable advisor for me as a professional visualmedia translator. Since 2007, he has helped me significantly with my translation assignments of the TV documentary program, 60 Minutes by CBS. He has given me much precious advice, not only on the language but also on social, political, economic, and cultural backgrounds of each story. His business scenario style of teaching combined with his senior executive experience and his executive leadership skills have enabled me to improve and level up my translation skills.


Mr. Tryon has a large stock of knowledge about any field, and he always provides appropriate and clear answers to any question I ask. Plus he consistently understands what I really want to know, what I really don’t understand, and what information I really need, especially in areas where Japanese learners tend to fall into a labyrinth. After discussions on the phone with Mr. Tryon, all my questions go away like magic to lead me to a simple but very informative translation. Because of his effective teaching style combined with his generous, patient, and cheerful personality, I’m sure he will be an ideal teacher for Japanese executives.